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GB and the GBA are one of the countries best sales training academies licensed and trained by Mr. 10X

Session 1

The importance of goal setting, why goal setting fails, finding you why & using vision boards.

Session 3

The first 9 steps in the road to the sale from Attitude to negotiation

Session 5

Follow up, objection handling, first rule of selling and closing,

Session 7

Dress to impress, confidence through body language, bringing in vocal variety and overcoming nervousness and anxiety in sales.

Session 9

Final debrief and different buyer and seller situations and going out to the real world.

Session 2

The importance of sales, the sales mindset and intro to 12 step road to the sale.

Session 4

The virtual sales super star model, using the phone, prospecting and the power base.

Session 6

The 10x rule, massive action & managing time

Session 8

Spontaneous communication, how to remain present during the interview, the importance of listening. Different kinds of communication styles and being authentic.

Session 10

Final exam and test: Survey monkey : 50 questions.

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