Awesome Sales Jobs Sessions


Awesome Jobs Sales Sessions

GBA is one of the country’s best sales training academies which is the sole licensee for GRANT CARDONE and trained by him.

Session 1

The importance of goal setting, why goal setting fails, finding you why & using vision boards.

Session 2

The importance of sales, the sales mindset and intro to 12 step road to the sale.

Session 3

The first 9 steps in the road to the sale from Attitude to negotiation

Session 4

The virtual sales super star model, using the phone, prospecting and the power base.

Session 5

Follow up, objection handling, first rule of selling and closing

Session 6

The 10X rule, massive action & managing time.

Session 7

Dress to impress, confidence through body language, bringing in vocal variety and overcoming nervousness and anxiety in sales.

Session 8

Spontaneous communication, how to remain present during the interview, the importance of listening. Different kinds of communication styles and being authentic.

Session 9

Final debrief and different buyer and seller situations and going out to the real world.

Session 10

  • Final exam
  • Q/A
  • Get your resumes ready
  • Get hiring ready
  • Recruitment
  • Disc assessment


Our sales training works at every level whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for your entire career, we have training to suit your level of knowledge. The reason why I say recently graduated or college students is because my heart really goes out to this audience. I was in the first year of college doing english honours when one day my father came home and said that the family was facing financial ruin and I had to step up to help. I was 19 and that’s where my true journey as a sales person began. Ofcourse now it’s been 25 years to that day and I now run multiple companies and am considered to be one of the best sales trainers in the country. The journey however began as a college student and hence I relate.

I realize the pain and frustration youngsters are facing and I also know that the GBA with its training, contacts, experience and expertise can change these young lives forever.
I, Gaurav Bhagat will personally train a batch of 50 participants and have them to becoming amazing sales people, sought after by great companies and all of this in 10 sessions and by them making an investment of less than Rs. 10,000.

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We'd love to take this discussion further with you and look forward to a meeting in person. you can get in touch with us at +91 99588 95432
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