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Gaurav or GB being the problem solver that he is realized that he could solve the problem of two segments that needed the most help

Life Coach with Gaurav Bhagat

Gaurav Bhagat and the trainers of the academy are the best in the business, their passion, devotion, and intention shine through and each and every person carefully handpicked and trained by the Academy will be an asset to the organization that they join.

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Awesome Sales Jobs

As one of my favorite authors, Simon Sinek said, “Always start with why”. Hence lets start with WHY.

The last 2 years have been catastrophic for the job market and the people who have been affected the most have been graduating students and young people just entering the work force.

Students and even their families struggle to see why after investing so much time and money there should be no opportunities available for them.

Hiring is on hold, offer letters have been given and then held and its been a constant state of waiting. Not only its that frustrating but its also not fair.

Being solution finders at the GBA its our duty to come up with a solution and hence Awesome Sales Jobs was created.


Is This Meant For?

1. Awesome Sales Jobs help two sets of audiences.
    1. Recently Graduated/ Graduating students.         
    2. Business owners and corporates.

Lets Take the Latter First. Business owners and companies in India, companies of all sizes need to sell their products and services. What however becomes the bottleneck is that they have lack access to well-trained, super salespeople who are not only hungry to grow but also have the right attitude, skillset and tools to sell. In our interactions with corporates around all sectors their number 1 desire was great sales people that could take their products, services and vision forward. That’s where Awesome Sales Jobs comes in.

So if you are a business, corporate or business owner, then we are here to help find you that country’s best salespeople, personally trained by GB at the GBA.

2. Recently graduated or graduating students
The reason why I say recently graduated or college students is because my heart really goes out to this audience. I was in the first year of college doing English honours when one day my father came home and said that the family was facing financial ruin and I had to step up to help. I was 19 and that’s where my true journey as a sales person began. Of course now it’s been 25 years to that day and I now run multiple companies and am considered to be one of the best sales trainers in the country. The journey however began as a college student and hence I relate.

I realize the pain and frustration youngsters are facing and I also know that the GBA with its training, contacts, experience and expertise can change these young lives forever.

I, Gaurav Bhagat will personally train a batch of 50 participants and have them to becoming amazing sales people, sought after by great companies and all of this in 10 sessions and by them making an investment of less than Rs. 10,000.


Best Sales Training 

GB and the GBA are one of the countries best sales training academies licensed and trained by Mr. 10X, Grant Cardone, the world’s best sales trainer and Gaurav is also certified by BJ Fogg, the Stanford university professor and author of the best selling book, Tiny Habits. GB is also in Black Belt, the most elite group of coaches in the world under Taki Moore in Australia and finally a part of Richard Dolan’s chosen 25 in Canada.

Apart from this, GB also runs multiple businesses, has trained thousands of sales people and is called D+C+I Coach. One who has immense Depth in the subject, is Certified and Intentional. A rare combination.

So seeing the current situation in India GB created Awesome Sales Jobs. It offers a program where by spending 6 weeks with GB and the GBA , the participants become amazing sales people. Not only that, even after the course is over for 6 months they get access to an exclusive Group Alumni weekly call with GB where he continues to mentor and advice. Truly, “Success is our duty” and we do “Whatever IT Takes” to make our stakeholders succeed.

Starting with a selection test and an interview round, a batch at the GBA starts with 50 people. The batch will be trained over 6 weeks and have 10 modules to complete over zoom.

After class 6, the placement cell at the GBA will also share your videos, test scores and resumes with companies and get you job opportunities. All you have to do is participate to be the best you can, be open to learning and apply the learning’s once you have your job.  

Remember what Grant Cardone says “Show Up to Blow Up”. 

Please note : 
While we have an amazing Data Base of clients and lots of requests, we don’t guarantee you a job but we will get you in front of the companies that are hiring and do our best to get you a position.


Looking to hire the right Sales Person

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Looking to skill up in Sales

If you are a graduating student, recently graduated student or someone looking to build a career in sales and want to be trained by one of the best sales trainers in the country then click below and fill up the form.


For Companies

Please note that the minimum starting salary of an ASJ student will be Rs. 25,000 and a CTC of 300k Per Annum.

Some exceptional students may come at a higher package.

Our placement cell will share with you their work, assignments, video, evaluation and scheduled interviews to help you find the best candidates for your company. Rest assured you will find amazing people that will be an asset to your company.

The placement cell at the GBA has a one-time registration cost of RS. 5,000 and charges 8% of the annual CTC as our fee on successful placement .

We may also offer certain add on services in due course and will keep you updated.  

For Student Participants

The GBA does not guarantee you a job. Yes we will train you in the best possible sales goal setting, communication and time management tools. We will get you in front of companies that need great sales people but the responsibility of getting selected is up to you.

We will be there to hand hold you even up to 6 months after graduating from the course.

All in all we will do the best in our capacity to make your investment of Rs.9999/- be priceless.

Look forward to seeing you on Awesome Sales Jobs.  

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by Gaurav Bhagat